Peru - Voodoo dolls

Ever terrifying Voodoo Dolls for the eyes, bought at the Witches Market. The man explained with kaleidoscope eyes, that the one in the colourful clothes will keep the nominated lady safe, where as the black one is to be harmed if necessary. Nice. (Notice the incredible equal detail in the monotone versions tailoring, yikes.) For the ears, more fun from an unknown artist!

For the eyes: (Scary) Voodoo Dolls
Found: Witches Market, Chiclayo, Peru.

For the ears: Unknown; probably called Cuckoo (right-click to save)
Found: Booming into my ears during a taxi ride from Tarapoto, Peru.

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Colombia - Shell Oil Drum

A slightly depressing souvenir for the eyes from Colombia, it was found in the hand of a homeless woman begging for change, realising this sad irony, we asked her to name her price to take the drum out of circulation. For the ears the excellent sound of Choc-Quib-Town, Somos Pacifico (We are peaceful).

For the eyes: Miniature Shell Oil drum.
Found: Bogota, Colombia.

For the ears: Choc-Quib-Town; Somos Pacifico (right-click to save)
Found: In Buenos Aires while hanging out with some Colombians.

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A nostalgic souvenir for the eyes, found amongst a treasure cove of old retro memorabilia in a second hand store in Leon, Nicaragua. Whilst travelling Nicaragua the ears had noticed an overwhelming influence of nostalgic 80’s Rock. This is hypothesised to be due to Nicaraguans happily reminiscing about the revolutionary good times of the 80’s!

For the eyes: Charlie Brown PEZCandy Dispenser
Found: Second hand store Leon, Nicaragua.

For the ears: Kool and the Gang; Cherish the Love (right-click to save)
Found: While eating chicken in Esteli, Nicaraguan Highlands.

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A fine example of ice cream craftmanship, a supreme bespoke 3-ball combination, sitting in a bowl, smarties for eyes, wafer roll for nose. Genius. For the ears, one of my favourite songs from the trip so far, mmmm Banana.

For the eyes: Option 7 - Pinnochio, Eskimo.
Found: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

For the ears: Banda Blanca; Banana (right-click to save)
Found: Bus ride on Ometepe

Tags: Nicaragua


Convenience defined, the ‘Flask’, this amazingly tasty Belizean rum is sold half empty/full for you to tear open the lid, add your desired mixer, having more time for party! For the ears, a feeling of Belize’s dance-floor, with a reaggeaton remix of Ace of Bass.. 

For the eyes: 1 Barrel Rum Flask
Found: In all good liquor stores, Belize!

For the ears: Don Omar remixes Ace of Base; All that she wants (right-click to save)
Found: First ’chicken bus’ track heard in Belize.

Tags: Belize


One of the many joys of Guatamala, the amazing array of fireworks available on every street corner. This particular item was initially propelled with a charge, once in motion, the canons were ignited systematically firing at anything in the way.

For the ears, an old favourite, the swan song of my iPod who ran away with a Guatemalan man one evening, in the direction of Lake Atitlan. 

For the eyes: SAFE and SANE branded tank firework.
Found:San Pedro, Guatamala.

For the ears: Kalyanji anandji; Y.O.G.A (edit) (right-click to save)
Found: In the past, back home.

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A rare turn of events S for E&E. While capturing a souvenir for the eyes, specifically, a box of 7,62 x 39 hollow-tipped slugs for a modified AK47, along came this particular song. How? Well, naturally emanating as the chosen ring-tone of our heat packing new friend and mentor. He likes guns, now we do too, enjoy.

For the eyes: Box of 20, 7.62 x 39 AK47 Rounds.
Found: Ammunation(?), San Jose, Costa Rica.

For the ears: Steve Lee; I Like Guns (right-click to save)
Found: Rancho Gunshow.

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San Cristobal during the festival, came eye to eye with this irresistible colourful Giraffe.

For the eyes: Stuffed giraffe.
Found: Street vendor, San Cristobal, Mexico.

For the ears: The relentlessly fun Banda MS; El mechon (right-click to save)
Found: While partying in Tehuantapec, Mexico.

Tags: Mexico


Our first piece of foreign gold, chosen from a thousand similarly micro-crafted figures ranging from computer game characters to Obama. A souvenir is given credibility when it’s shown to Mexican residents and them being genuinely impressed by the craftsmanship and the find.

For the eyes: Micro-crafted Dias los muertos figureine.
Found: Craft-market, Coyoacan, Mexico City

For the ears: Rebeldes del rock; Bote de bananas (right-click to save)
Found: Blasted into our ears by boombox-bagged peddlers riding the intercity Metro.

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A micro-blog about extraordinary things found and heard along the way on our Journey through Latin America, enjoy.

For the eyes: A bat with amazing zip wings and Velcro feet.
Found: Car boot sale on Anglesey,

For the ears: William Onyeabor; Better Change your mind.
Found: Whilst packing and planning before our departure to the Americas.

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